Virtual Real Estate – Bringing Properties to Life

At MCL, our team of professional real estate agents share their knowledge in real estate to help inform prospective buyers.


We love real estate. We love technology. At MCL Real Estate Group we love it when we can blend real estate and technology for the benefit of our clients. 

We recently reviewed the importance of video in real estate. Virtual Tours are another tool we use to
provide home visitors with a 360 degree perspective on a home that goes beyond traditional photography.

Using state-of-the-art virtual reality tours, our clients are able to virtually walk through our luxury Kelowna real estate listings. The experience brings the visitors inside the home in a manner that is more effective than a selection of photographs. The brilliance of this new process does not just appeal to the technophiles,  it is a fun and useful way to tour a property, and appeals to anyone who wants to purchase a new home or commercial property in an effective and efficient manner.

Visitors can virtually walk through a home from the comfort of their laptop, tablet, desktop computer or phone. From there, they can prepare a more relevant list of homes they might like to view. They can eliminate homes they know won’t work for their lifestyle, and add homes that will. Virtual tours are extremely helpful for our out-of-town buyers. By experiencing the home virtually, they are better prepared for their Kelowna viewing visit. We’ve even had buyers submit an offer based on a virtual visit.

The traditional textural glossy real estate brochure is still viable in the realm of marketing, but new methods include 360-degree online tours and VR tours. These last two options have taken property shopping to a whole new level.

In providing you with a virtual walk-through, you are able to envision your intended lifestyle playing out before you — without the typical time-consuming hunt.

Five reasons why M | C | L uses virtual reality for real estate:

  • Pictures can distort colours and angles. VR provides transparency, the truest version of the property, without ever having stepped foot inside the home.
  • Ideal for out-of-town and out-of-country buyers. VR allows you to experience the flow of the property, ensuring personal functionality and lifestyle needs.
  • Simplifies house-hunting by narrowing the field through elimination.
  • The ability to view multiple listings within minutes, saving time, energy and stress.  
  • Highlights amenities and stand-out features that suit your particular wants and needs.

VR headsets like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR can be used to access the virtual tour. Reality Glasses not required, but if you have some, enjoy the extra treat!